"A perfect early reader for an energetic, curious, and active child. It teaches children that books are valuable items that can improve their lives. Books need love because, in a sense, they're people, too! Highly recommended." — Joseph Arellano,
San Francisco Book Review

"As a passionate defender and lover of books, I really enjoyed it. Also, as the parent of twin five year olds, I recognize how necessary this message is!."

John Fox, award-winning writer, and author of I Will Shout Your Name

This is a fun story – and one that, as a writer and a teacher, I would love for children to hear!  Great, action-filled plot, and Polpi and Sandy are both distinct characters. 

Laura Boffa, author of Writing Home: The Story of Author Thomas Wolfe 

Such a warm way to connect with children's caring about inanimate objects by humanizing them. I think it's terrific! If I had small children, I'd love for them to read this book.
Debbie Parker, author of Live Hustle Alive 

Having seen many loved, but mistreated, books on library shelves, I was heartened by the message of this endearing tale. Polpi reminds young readers that books, which are "alive with stories,” must be treated with care. 

Kathlin Smith, President, Friends of the Library, Silver Spring Chapter

Books Need Love, Too fills an important void; children need to learn how to treat books with the love we all feel for them; this lovely story teaches its valuable lesson with grace and spirit.


Susanne Alissa Salhab, Head of English, French American Intl School of San Francisco

What a charming story! I like how the story emphasizes the joys of reading.  It also shows that even when something bad happens, everything is fixable and the story stays alive for the next reader.

Eliza Gilligan, Book Conservator